What Is It That Makes You Feel Better?

This week I’d like to know…what is it that truly makes you feel better about yourself?

When you dread looking in the mirror, or testing your ability, what is it that makes you feel better about yourself? Is it losing a ton of weight? Is it winning that barrel race or pleasure class? Is it wearing your favorite outfit?

So often, we get into the rut of thinking, I’ll feel better about myself when I _____ – fill in the blank. For a lot of us, the blank might be losing thirty pounds or winning a class – or both.

The cold hard truth of the matter is that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Heck, we’re not even guaranteed the very next breath. So why do we waste our lives not accepting who we are as we are at this very moment when we may not even get the very next moment? Why do we do that?

I read an article earlier today about the designer Betsey Johnson. She’s 72 years old, wears what most people consider completely inappropriate hair and clothing for her age, and she does cartwheels on the catwalk. Yet, she’s a confident, happy, and very successful woman.


Earlier this month, I learned about Leah Gilbert who is a plus size athlete and fitness trainer from Australia. Yes, you read that correctly – she’s a plus size athlete and fitness trainer. While she doesn’t fit the typical aesthetics mold of what most people consider an “athlete”, Leah is one incredibly confident and strong woman who is on a mission to change how we think about ourselves. By the way, I strongly advise following her blog Body Positive Athletes. You’ll be better for it, I promise!

So here we have two women that don’t conform or fit the “perfect” mold at all and yet both of them are happy confident women. How do they do that?

Although I don’t have all the answers, I would say one commonality they have is that they buck the trends, do what they want, and they do what works for them – not what everyone else says works for them. They live in the moment, where they’re at. Long ago, they stopped fighting who they were and stopped listening to what society told them they should be. Oh, and they don’t compare themselves to everyone else.

What are the things that you do well right now? Focus on those for a moment and feel good about yourself for a moment. Feel better?


Just out enjoying a winter ride on my pony Fireman.

Just out enjoying a winter ride on my pony Fireman.



7 thoughts on “What Is It That Makes You Feel Better?

  1. My self-esteem is completely shot at the moment so I don’t even have confidence in my own abilities. I know one thing that would make me feel better, would be to get that confidence back with horses. So I’m hoping for some equine therapy at some point!


    • Thanks for visiting the blog! When we feel confident with our horses, it definitely has an impact in our self esteem and other areas. If you could hook up with a good riding instructor that can walk your through building balance and developing better timing and feel,I think you would see a huge improvement in your confidence all the way around. And sometimes, it’s just having someone else that believes in you.


    • Good Morning to you!

      Confidence is a fickle thing for women, wouldn’t you agree? It seems as though we all go through stages of this battle throughout our entire life. However, you have conquered it more than you know! How, you might ask? Well you have recognized it AND verbalized it! I can’t tell you how important this is, because not realizing it can cause unknown depression that leaves us wondering to and fro :/

      Secondly, you know what avenue to take to get it back! THIS IS HUGE!!! For years I didn’t know how to get my own back but when I finally found it, I was set free to conquer the world.

      So get out there and spend sometime with your four legged fur babies, or find a friend who let you work theirs! I know plenty of people who let you work their horses or shuck stalls in return of free riding time.

      Good luck to you T and remember you can do anything you set your mind too 😊

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      • Thanks for visiting the blog and the encouragement! I think the cowgirl way is to see things truthfully and tackle them head on and work with what you’ve got! Keep a leg on each side and your dreams out front! 😁😁


      • Thank you so much for the advice and the support 🙂 I’m not ready for helping anyone out at the moment but it’s a good idea when I’m up on my feet!


  2. It’s amazing just how much of an impact that horses do have. I suppose until now it never occurred to me at just how important they are to me. Of course, they’ve been a lifelong passion just didn’t realise how much. It’s upsetting to think that I may never get that confidence back with them, then what do I do? It’s scary 😦


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