What’s Cowgirls With Curves All About?


Cowgirls With Curves is about encouraging and highlighting real sized women who love horses. It’s about making them feel good about themselves at the size they are, not some size everyone else thinks they need to be. It’s about helping them find their way to loving themselves and finding a way to do what they love to do.

I post interviews of real sized horse gals on a regular basis. There’s also plans to do clothing & tack reviews and features in the near future. If you’re interested in being on the blog – let me know!

Let’s face it – We love horses and the horse world can be a pretty cruel place regardless of discipline. People are very judgmental about how you ride and your size. There’s a lot of pressure out there to be under a certain size, especially if you compete. It’s not just jockeys that feel this kind of pressure – competitors in all avenues of riding feel that same exact pressure.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me, “I quit riding because of my size and what people would think.” These weren’t people who weighed more than their horses. These were women that were normal plus sized women! It’s heartbreaking to hear but that’s the type of pressure that’s out there.

Real sized women don’t need to hear that they need to lose weight, or that they need to eat this or that. Heck, any of us that have struggled to lose weight are practically walking diet encyclopedias! We know a lot more about nutrition than the average person. We’re experts at knowing how to lose weight and it’s something we harp on enough inside our own heads. What we need to hear is that we’re valuable at the place we are at TODAY. Only then can we move on to the best that we can be – whatever size that is for us.

Granted, we all love our horses and we want to do what’s best for them, but as long as we’re riding horses that can carry us without any problems, we shouldn’t let our size keep us from doing what we love to do. Choose a horse that can carry you without problems and have at it!

So that’s what this site is about – it’s about encouraging real sized women that don’t fit the mold and helping them be the best they can be, whatever that is.



2 thoughts on “What’s Cowgirls With Curves All About?

  1. What a terrible message to be spreading. First, straight-sized women are real women. What is it with calling overweight women “real women”? Second, it doesn’t matter how big your horse is: it’s an animal, not a machine. Keeping under a certain size is not about looks, it’s about respecting your horse and showing that you care about its physiology and health. Even the largest horse can only carry max 20% of its weight. A 1200lb horse, for example, can only carry 240 lbs. That includes your heavy western saddle. Saying overweight people should force and animal to carry them around is cruelty, plain and simple. If you truly loved your horse, you would lose weight.


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