Want To Be On Cowgirls With Curves?

If you’re a real sized horse girl that’s interested in doing an interview, or you have a business and you’re interested in doing a feature or product review, please drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you!

You don’t have to be someone famous – this blog is about real folks!



4 thoughts on “Want To Be On Cowgirls With Curves?

  1. When I told my boyfriend that I would love to compete in a rodeo at least once, his first response was ‘you need to lose weight’. I responded with a hand gesture, told him my horse doesn’t seem to mind, and let him know that he was now my ex!


    • You go girl! A lot of women would have been devastate and I think it’s because we buy into all the hype of what media says we should be – so glad you didn’t! Twenty years from now, chances are he’ll still be single if he hasn’t learned! 😁


  2. Way to go girl. I think a curvy cowgirl is so beautiful. If you want to b a cowgirl who cares about what size you are. Good luck on trying it


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